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Patient testimonials of Blake Orthodontics

"Following his first appointment with Dr. Blake, my 12-year-old son stated: "Mom, that is the most beautiful office I have ever been to. I feel so important and special there. Like I am getting the best care." And his 3 siblings were so entertained by the iPad bar that they cannot wait for their brother's next appointment! Welcome to the community Dr. Blake -- you provide a much needed service and fill a void with convenient office hours and a state-of-the-art facility!" - Amy

"As a parent of a child with special needs, it was comforting to know that Dr. Blake would take the extra time needed to be sure Allen was comfortable and able to do the at home care needed. Allen actually looks forward to coming to the office for his routine check-ups and adjustments. Allen’s teeth look wonderful! Thank you Dr. Blake!" - Lucille

"I am a 51 year-old mother of two, and I had been unhappy with my smile for many years. After some encouragement from my daughter, I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Blake. After the consultation, Dr. Blake determined I was a candidate for Invisalign. Invisalign was the perfect choice for me. They are a series of clear aligners that I change every two weeks. Friends and co-workers were not even aware I was wearing them. Dr. Blake is a gifted orthodontist and a perfectionist; I would highly recommend Invisalign and Dr. Blake to any adult that would like to change their smile. Dr. Blake has given me the confidence to smile once again!" - Theresa

"Dr. Blake is a very caring individual. She goes out of her way to make sure her patients are comfortable. We have received calls from her after hours and on weekends as follow up for our daughter’s care. She is always willing to answer all the questions that parents have. I would highly recommend Dr. Blake!" - Lee Ann

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Blake over the past few years, and am always happy to refer my patients to her. Dr. Blake's meticulous attention to detail and the perfection she creates in a smile is unparalleled. I always say to my patients, "if you want that perfect smile, Dr. Blake can achieve that for you!" She takes the time to ensure that her cases are executed with precision. You can rest assured from the moment you sit down for that initial consultation to the moment you receive your retainers, you are in the hands of someone who will give you nothing but the best!" – Amy, dental hygienist

"We came to Dr. Blake to address the severe underbite of my 10 year-old son. From the initial consultation, with the presentation of the personalized treatment plan, and each subsequent visit, I could tell Dr. Blake was committed to helping correct the bite in the manner specific to our son's needs.  We encountered a couple mishaps with the expander, which Dr. Blake corrected immediately with great care.  Dr. Blake's committment to personalized dental care is sincere.  I've never had a doctor give me her cell phone before!" - Jennifer

"My daughter’s orthodontic needs were challenging, due to various medical conditions and a complicated orthodontic correction. As a parent, I was perplexed. After several consultations with numerous doctors, I met Dr. Elizabeth Blake. Upon meeting her, something just clicked and I knew we were in capable hands. Dr. Blake did what no one else could: she calmed my fears, answered my questions, and explained her plan for my daughter with an unsurpassed intelligence. Dr. Blake is compassionate. She listened and patiently guided us in the appropriate direction. Her professionalism is undaunting. The road we travel together has made all the difference. It is a road that I hope others will choose to travel. For us, the journey has been positive, however, there have been bumps along the way due to my daughter’s medical condition. At one point, my daughter’s conventional braces had to be removed and replaced with Invisalign, due to the needs of periodic MRIs. We are grateful for Dr. Blake’s expertise in this area because this method of treatment has been a blessing. We look forward to the day the journey is over. I am confident that standing at the end of the road will be my daughter with a breathtaking smile that will last her a lifetime. Thank you Dr. Elizabeth Blake!" - LuAnn

"Dr. Blake is genial, and doesn’t mess up ever." - Dennis, age 14

"I am a twelve year old patient of Dr. Blake’s, and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. She has gone above and beyond what other orthodontists would have done to make my smile look great. I am very lucky to have her as my orthodontist, and I could not have asked for anyone better. My experience with Dr. Blake has been amazing!" - Holly, age 12

"I was referred to Dr. Blake by a neighbor, as I had recently moved to Massachusetts. Dr. Blake is a kind, compassionate, and caring orthodontist. She is dedicated to her patients and is always available. After my daughter’s braces were put on, Dr. Blake called our home to check on her and make sure that there were no problems. I would highly recommend Dr. Blake, and when my son is ready for braces, he will be going to Dr. Blake!" - Linda

"Dr. Blake has a gentle approach to motivating children to take care of their teeth when wearing braces and a retainer. She patiently walked my ten-year old daughter through the process of wearing braces, and how to take care of them. Dr. Blake was easily accessible when we had problems or questions after our office visits. She really cared about the outcome of my daughter’s teeth." - The Willis/Downing Family

"Dr. Blake is kind, gentle, and easy to talk to. Her technology and the latest medical advances make complicated explanations clear and concise. She is great with kids and adults alike! Dr. Blake evaluated my son and advised us of two treatment options. We chose the longer, but best plan for the future. From positive feedback to my son, regular and quick adjustments, and being informed by Dr. Blake at every visit, we are almost done with braces nearly one year early! Thank you Dr. Blake!" - The Battle Family

"Dr. Blake is a very approachable and personable doctor. She was very responsive to the needs of my two sons during the full treatment, even trimming a wire on a Saturday morning! She was very patient with my boys when providing the care, as well as answering their questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Blake to anybody who is considering orthodontic treatment for their children, or themselves!" - Jasmine

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Dr. Elizabeth Blake attended the University of Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.

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